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                       Client Testimonials  


Shannon Sullivan, LMT is a rare find and exceptional as a massage therapist. Her ability to connect with you is amazing. The best thing about Shannon is her skill to listen. She not only listens to your story line with hearing but listens to your body’s ambiance with gentle touch. With that information her technique turns into a healing event. Shannon knows exactly where and how to address those areas that need care. With my age, active lifestyle and life’s train wrecks I’m amazed how a session with Shannon turns back the clock of time. Typically I feel the benefits of one of her massage for weeks.
                                                                        Todd Burgess in Tucson, AZ

"I know Shannon from appointments with her as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Integrataive Touch Therapy Specialist who works with both people and their animal companions. She helped me through a very difficult time of my life using Reiki. I was a little skeptical in the beginning. However, she was always very professional. She really listened to what you (and your body) were saying and used the best approach. After each appointment, I felt fantastic! I could really tell the difference. She never rushed through any appointment but took the extra time to talk with you and answer questions. I highly recommend her to anyone!"     Amy Thomas in Maine

"Shanon has always done a wonderful job of un-kinking and re-aligning my body. Also, she is truly gifted in energy work. Every time I go in, she is able to access what I'm struggling with (without any information from me) and helps me to address it. I am everlastingly grateful to her!"                    Karen Kahn in Tucson, AZ

"Shannon has the gift of touch. Her therapeutic touch therapy is an integral part of our family, humans and animals. Our whole family benefits from her expertise in her field of massage and related therapies.Our family gives her five stars and five paws. Thank you Shannon."                             The Murphy's in Sahuarita, AZ

"I knew Shannon first as a friend and then as a colleague. She was one of my main cheerleaders when I decided to go to massage therapy school. She is also an exceptionally gentle and intuitive CranioSacral Therapist. She is a wonderful soul with whom I feel honored to be sharing this ride called LIFE."  Paula Williams in Sahuarita, AZ

"Shannon's knowledge of many types of bodywork allows her to intuitively fit each client's needs.   Her work can help people on many levels."  Jolene in Green Valley, AZ

"I’d never had personal bodywork done before, so I was somewhat apprehensive at my first appointment.  Shannon made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.  Over the years we have built a great relationship and with her “healing” hands, she always knows exactly where and what my body needs."  Emily in Green Valley,AZ

“I have been going to Shannon since I first arrived in GV over 2 years ago.  From my first appointment, there was something in the chemistry between the 2 of us.  At first I insisted on deep tissue massage; I thought that was the only type that would help my aging and athletic body.  I was so wrong!  Shannon’s mixture of massage therapy and energy medicine (Reiki) allows her to have each client reach an improved level on their own.  Shannon “feels” where to go each session.  It is not necessary to beat up a muscle with deep massage.  I think that mode actually hurts the muscle.  Shannon’s energy filled therapy allows the muscle to start healing and improve quicker.  In addition, the relaxation I achieve during each session is healing in itself.  She is magic!”  Karen in Green Valley, AZ

“I met Shannon 9 years ago when receiving treatment for a serious injury related to a car accident. Over the years, she has used various techniques to ease my discomfort – all with great success.  She tunes into my individual needs, sensitivities and tolerances, and has helped me tremendously over the years with her ‘magic touch’.” Sally G. in Tucson, AZ

"I have been seeing Shannon Sullivan for 7 years. That alone should tell you something! Shannon is not only an excellent massage therapist, she is very sensitive to the needs of her clients. She knows exactly what I need as soon as she begins the massage. When I arrive I'm always pleasantly greeted and then asked how I am doing. And I know she really wants to know! No matter how tense or how much pain I'm in when I arrive, when I leave, I feel immensely better and feel as if I can make it through the rest of my busy week. Shannon's magical skills, personality, and caring make her the ideal and perfect massage therapist. I also feel privileged to call her my friend and am not sure that I could make it without her!" Kathy Ward, "Tight- Shouldered-Teacher" in Green Valley, AZ

"I first met Shannon when I was getting Physical Therapy for a back injury, and she was doing massage in the same office.  I have many years of massage therapy experience from the Orient and my brother, who is an LMT here in Sierra Vista, AZ, along with others.  Shannon is the first Massage Therapist who combined Swedish Massage (my preference) with Reiki to give me an all-around benefit to my body and total being second to none!  She really does "feel" within one's being where she will concentrate her efforts for the best overall benefit for her clients.  I've told her that she really has a "Gift" and I think she knows that but I want the rest of you to know and understand that.  Thank you, Shannon, for enriching my life as a result of your gift, training, and knowledge!”  Rick from Green Valley, AZ

"Shannon's ability to 'tune in' to my body is amazing. She uses various gentle techniques to quiet my mind and bring balance to my system. I leave feeling wonderful, but even more importantly, I leave with simple tools I use to help bring myself back into balance. Shannon works on a very individual basis and clearly cares about her clients. I feel that she has found her 'calling' and that I'm lucky to have found her!" Carol from Green Valley, AZ