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         Artful Touch Therapies by Shannon Sullivan, LMT at (520) 400-6354

                                                 Description of Services

Reiki This is an energetic balancing technique based in the Japanese Tradition of natural healing.  The Reiki practitioner is attuned to “Chi” or “Qi” , Universal Energy, to assist clients in the healing process. Reiki allows the client’s body to come into a natural balance so that it provides an optimal state of healing to occur.  Session can be done in the clinic or over the phone or through skype.   

CranioSacral Therapy  This is an osteopathic technique using the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid of each individual to look for areas where there is physical misalignment.  The practitioner follows this pulse and helps to unwind areas of previous injury or stress.  We use a series of holds and light touch techniques to restore balance to each individuals system.  This helps restore our clients health where natural healing can take place.  The approach is non-invasive and painless but extremely effective.  It enhances any treatments the client is having with other types of therapies. 

PreNatal Massage  Prenatal Massage shares many of the benefits of regular massage - to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and make you feel good.  But it's also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.  As you receive massage for wellness and relaxation, our baby receives the same benefits.

CranioSacral Dialoguing by Phone  Together we find the images that are stored in your body as negative imprints and find the pictures associated with these images.  Then we create new images that are beautiful and healing to replace the negative pattern.  The client  chooses his/her own images and can continue to work with these even after the session is completed so that the healing continues and can be applied with any memory patterns. 

Foot Reflexology  This is an Eastern Based philosophy which works on the principle that the feet are a smaller version of the human body and that by working associated points on the feet can help one’s health by decreasing pain, reducing stress and improving health.  Benefits include;  Relaxation, Increased Circulation, Balancing the Immune System.

Aromatherapy  The use of therapeutic essential oils in their natural state can be added to any session to enhance healing.  Lavendar helps with relaxation. Eucalyptus helps decrease muscle soreness.  Thieves helps boost the immune system.  Peppermint can aid in the digestive process.  For more information on the healing properties of essential oils please visit Young Living at http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/index.html